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Hive Media Productions


Hive Media Productions


Hive Media Productions


Hive Media Productions


Hive Media Productions

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About us

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Our Why

Hive Media Productions is passionate about potentializing growth at the right businesses and institutions through Marketing Strategy and high-quality and efficient Media Productions.

We believe that through connecting and focusing our energies at the right places, we create change, continuously improve our lives, and help our communities thrive.

We’ll work with you to develop a successful marketing strategy for your business, from the occasional corporate video or photography session to planning your entire year of media content based on your goals and budget.

We provide the following services:

Corporate Video Production

Digital Assets & Social Medial Videos

Documentaries and Short Films

Instructional / Educational Videos

Online Course Video Production

Promotional Videos & Commercial Ads

Having a solid culture based on planning and coordinating projects, we combine compelling art creation and efficient project delivery, generating quick turnarounds with quality and smooth communication throughout our teams and clients.

We can also collaborate with different creative partners to deliver a broader spectrum of services to you, from simple graphics added to your videos to superior movie animations.

This enables us to tell your story in the most engaging way, inspiring and motivating your targeted audience, and attracting new business to you.

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, most of our projects are from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to Byron Bay, but we’re happy to consider projects Australian-wide case by case.

All Services

How we do it

“Our mission is to inspire and connect with entrepreneurs who are taking steps towards a better future for Earth to create change and growth together”
Chris Edwards
Founder of Casper Inc.
Looks Amazing

Why the name Hive?

We are inspired by collaboration and potentializing growth.

Bees are social insects that live in colonies and work collaboratively, so do we intend to work with you and our partners to deliver high-quality services to you.

They also help plants and the whole environment around them grow when pollinating! Inspired by this, we strive to create growth for our clients, associates, partners, and community in every interaction with them!

We can’t wait to make you part of it!

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Candice Olivier

"Gus and theHive Media Team have a passion to do their work that inspires and motivates us at Karma Collab Hub.

We Highly Recommended their services."

Dr. Oliver Farley
NZ high performance / olympic
strength & conditioning coach

"The team Hive was awesome to work with.

I haven't done or filmed a podcast before working with them. The team was very informative and professional during the process and how it turned out was amazing!"

Zhara Mahistedt
Life fx water custodian

"I'd just like to tell you that he (Gustavo / Hive Media) is professional, reliable and I just felt comfortable working with him from the moment I met him. Really easy to talk to, really easy-going, just knew what he was doing, and able to get organised actually - which I really appreciated."

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